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14th October 2021


COVID - Whaanau Update 14 October 2021
Level 3 Supervision at Nawton School for Families of Need


Kia ora e te whaanau families,

As you know, Minister Hipkins has confirmed we will remain at level 3 for a further five days until 11.59pm Monday 18 October. Under Level 3, If there is a parent or caregiver at home, children need to stay at home and continue their education at home. NZ Schools are open on Monday, 18 October 2021 for families that must return to work away from home and where there is no adult from the family and/or extended bubble at home while the parents/caregivers are at work.

By only having the children of families who need supervision for their children because there is no adult at home, the safer it is for our children and staff and the school can maintain social distancing and low student teacher ratio.

Distance learning and online sessions continue as normal for all learners on and off-site in Level 3. School will be very different for those that return because we are working to maintain our necessary hygiene standards.

Our staff on-site will have been tested for COVID-19 before they get back to work and we are moving toward having 100% of our staff vaccinated – so we are all playing our part in keeping our community safe.

It is also now legally required that we hold a COVID-19 vaccination register for all eligible students (12 year olds and older) and staff. If your child is 12 years old or older we now need to know if they have had their first or second vaccine dose or are exempted from being vaccinated. This information will be held by us in accordance with the Privacy Act and will only be shared with public health authorities. We will send a survey home for those eligible students and by school app soon.

Practices at Nawton School in Level 3 will include;

  • Bubbles of 10 children maximum. The numbers of children needing to be on-site will determine how we staff each bubble. Children might not be with their regular class teachers. For contact tracing purposes, a register is kept of any staff member who enters the classroom/works with a bubble group. Our aim is to have just the bubble teacher with the kids.
  • For safety reasons bubbles are to be independent of other bubbles for all learning, play, eating, etc.
  • Safety focus- A focus on the cleaning of hands, social distancing, cough, sneezing, no one onsite who is sick, floor marking and tape to support distancing, 1m distancing inside and 2m distancing outside. No person is allowed in the school if they are sick or feeling unwell.
  • There will be separate areas for morning tea, lunch and sport breaks and set areas for each class. Playgrounds and sandpits are closed.
  • Parents won’t be allowed to enter the classroom to keep bubbles safe. Parents can ring the office ph:8477420 or email teachers if they need to communicate. No face to face meetings at level 3. We prefer parents to wait in cars for pick ups or socially distance NOT gather at gate. Only Livingstone Ave main gate will be open. Each time a parent/visitor is on the school site, they must wear a mask, scan the NZ Covid Tracer app, or sign in and be registered at the front office for MOH contact tracing purposes in the event of a COVID-19 case at Nawton School and sign in through school app or at the office.. 1 x person in the office at a time to register and social distancing expected.
  • A staggered drop off time from 8am - 9am via the entry main entrance Livingstone Ave by hall (all other gates will be locked) where a staff member will be there to greet the children, adults must stay in cars. Children go straight to their assigned bubble classroom when they arrive on-site and wash their hands as soon as they enter the classroom. Gates will be open from 8am not before. We ask that children wash their hands just before they leave home.
  • Afternoon collection procedures are staggered finish times. Rumaki students finish at 2.40pm. Reorua school finish at 2.50pm. Auraki finish at 3pm. This is to enable social distancing. Older children when they finish will pick up younger siblings who will be released. All children will exit Livingstone Ave gate by hall. Road patrols will still be manned by staff only so that children can cross safely if they are walking. Our aim for safety purposes is to have minimal adults onsite/needing to get out of vehicles.
  • Children can bike/scooter/walk to school independently with parents’ permission and clear parent instruction on how to stay safe to and from school without ‘socialising’ on the way. No independent travelling children on-site before 8am and upon arrival they go straight to their assigned bubble classroom, wash their hands and check in with their teacher, no outdoor games. Junior children walking/biking, etc to/from school must have an adult or older sibling accompany them to the gate.
  • After School Care and Homework Centre closed under Level 3. An adult needs to be at school by 3pm each day to collect the child/ren. We ask caregivers to wait at a safe social distance outside the Main Gate.
  • Breakfast Club, and Fruit in Schools is closed under level 3. We are providing free school lunches but whaanau need to provide morning tea (fruit). All donated food is currently being sent to food banks.
  • Drinking fountains are closed. Children need to bring their own lunches and water bottles.
  • To be noted - Level 3 if your child is at school because there is no adult to look after them for most of the school week, they are to be here each school day of the week. Children who are not registered, will not attend.


If under Level 3 you are returning to work and there is no adult at your house that can look after the children, You must complete the online survey or text reply the information or email: The Nawton School Level 3 Survey enables us to get an accurate understanding of the children that need to be here with us in Level 3. Registration closes on Friday 15 October 1pm which will enable us to finalise systems and staffing for the start of Level 3. If your child/ren is not registered, for the safety of others, they are not permitted to be on the school grounds on 18 October. Even though we do have contact details in our systems, we do need parents to fill detailed information in the Form to ensure that the most up to date information readily at hand for us in case of an emergency and for the MOH for contact tracing purposes in the event of a COVID case at Nawton School. Information collected will include;


  • Confirming the need for your child to be at school as you are returning work and there is no adult who can supervise them.
  • Name, mobile, email of the parent/caregivers
  • The name of the workplace you are returning to and the work phone number in case of emergency. These details are needed by the MOH in the event that there is a COVID 19 case in your child’s bubble and they need to contact your employer/ yourself as the business owner

Once we have the Level 3 on-site register complete, we aim to email those families directly by 3pm Friday 15 October with the finalised processes that we will all follow and the name of the Nawton School staff member/s that will be their child’s bubble leader/ teacher and their room.

If you have any specific questions with regards to registration on the survey, please do not hesitate to contact me before the closing date and time for registrations.

We are proud of how our community has responded to this outbreak, but the mahi isn’t yet done. Please continue to follow all the alert level requirements including staying at home, getting tested for COVID-19 if you are feeling unwell, and for your own sake and for the health of your whanau, please get vaccinated.

These are the very best things we can do to keep our community as safe as possible and get everyone back to school.Please, stay home, be kind and let’s finish what we’ve started.

Herepuu te ra. Seize the day!

Rubina Charman
Nawton School



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Please download our school app to receive COVID-19 updates, classroom teachers will also send notifications via the app. The app operates off a wifi or network connection.

The school app can be downloaded through the App Store (apple) or Play Store (android), search schoolappsnz and once downloaded search Nawton School.


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 Nawton School is open on Monday, 18 October 2021 for essential workers children if there is no other adult that can supervise them only. Those parents need to complete the survey to confirm children attending by Friday 15 Oct 1pm.




Please download our school app to receive COVID-19 updates, classroom teachers will also send notifications via the app. The app operates off a wifi or network connection.


The school app can be downloaded through the App Store (apple) or Play Store (android), search schoolappsnz and once downloaded search Nawton School.

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